Our approach

At Herman Miller, we work closely with college and university leaders to use places as an asset to address an institution’s mission. Our problem-solving, research-driven approach has led us to knowledge and insights that keep us in tune with the needs of education leaders. The solutions we present consider today’s pedagogy and create learning spaces that accommodate change, innovation, and evolution.

Common Spaces ...

We know that learning can occur anytime and anywhere.

Because students are increasingly mobile, creating compelling places for working, studying, and engaging with peers and faculty plays a key role in student success.

Learning Spaces ...

Bring space and instruction into alignment.

Aligning kinds of formal learning spaces to new ways of teaching and learning creates endless opportunities to encourage and strengthen student/faculty interactions.


The new breed of today’s library is a far cry from the historical model.

Libraries now house cafés, lounge areas, presentation spaces, and plenty of computer and study areas.