Living Office comes to life

Living Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people, and helps organizations achieve their strategic goals.

People & Work.

When your people succeed, so does your business.
People are the most critical asset to every organization.
So why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities?
With Living Office, Herman Miller brings humanity back to the workplace to help your people, and your business, succeed.

Place can be a powerful tool<br/>for achieving your goals

Each organization and its people are different, yet many offices today look and feel the same. Herman Miller uses a proprietary research-based Living Office Discovery Process to help you envision an office that better reflects who you are and provides greater support for what you do.

A Place for every purpose,
a purpose for every place

Purposeful settings

From improvisational creativity to standardized processes, work today is more varied than ever before—so shouldn’t our offices be more varied too? In a Living Office, people can choose from a range of spaces that better support their activities, strengthen their connection with colleagues, and help fulfill their specific purpose. These settings can be designed in ways that uniquely express the culture of an organization and progress their ambitions, making place a more valuable asset.

01 | Hive

A Hive is a grouping of workstations that allows people to harmoniously engage in individual and collaborative work.

02 | Haven

A Haven is a small shelter where focused work can be done without distraction.

03 | Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is a working neighborhood that belongs to a team assigned to a specific, long-term project.

04 | Forum

Enabled by a clearly defined point of focus, a Forum supports the presentation and discussion of content.

05 | Jump Space

Comprised of highly approachable work points, a Jump Space facilitates work for short periods of time between other activities.

06 | Cove

A Cove is a compact setting near individual work points that enables people to work together for short periods of time.

07 | Plaza

The vibrant and dynamic heart of the landscape, a Plaza is a place where people can intuitively take the pulse of the organization.

08 | Workshop

A Workshop is the ideal setting for people to work together to generate the ideas that drive work forward.

09 | Meeting Space

A Meeting Space is designed to support information sharing—whether it’s a single speaker at the head of the room, or a group of colleagues conversing among themselves.

10 | Landing

A Landing is an open perching spot adjacent to Meeting Spaces or Forums, where people can warm up before meetings and cool down after they end.

Living Office and other work and workplace insights

Designing for human experience

Living Office provides an updated understanding of people and their work, founded on elements that are naturally human—how we experience the world and what motivates us. Informed by this understanding, Living Office offers considerations for the arrangement of surroundings, furnishings, and tools to meet the needs of people and deliver an elevated experience of work.

Delivering an elevated experience of work

The offices many people work in today were designed to support processes and technology from another era.
We see the potential for a new kind of office, one designed around the latest understanding of people, the work they are doing now, and the tools they need to succeed. This is a place where people will work not because they have to, but because they want to.

Everybody’s human

Through research, Herman Miller identified six fundamental needs that all people share—security, autonomy, belonging, achievement, status, and purpose. Living Office is designed to harness our innate motivations to fulfill these needs; it’s a place where every element feels right.

Everybody’s different

By recognizing that individuals and organizations have their own unique purpose, character, and activities, Living Office transforms the workplace into a powerful instrument that expresses an organization’s unique culture and progresses its unique ambitions.

From profit to prosperity

Define what success means to you. Living Office will help you achieve it. Happiness. Well-being. Engagement. Connection. In today’s world of work, success is more than monetary—and is increasingly seen in human terms. By helping fulfill the fundamental needs of individuals and organizations, Living Office not only helps deliver greater profits, but also prosperity for all.